First post

Hello world, I figured my Facebook friends were getting tired of my endless rants about food and dogs, so I thought “why not just create a blog no one will read?”. Everyone thinks what they have to say is interesting and I am certainly no exception to that rule!

I think I will post about recipes I’ve tried and liked.  A lot of people tell me they don’t like cooking because of past bad experiences in the kitchen.  Well, I’ve had a lot of bad experiences but I have learned a lot from my mistakes.  This blog is a good opportunity to share my knowledge with others, and perhaps also learn from my audience.  I am by no means a prodigy or naturally talented cook. I like to be methodical and precise with everything I make (my husband likes to describe my personality as “you are the type of genius that if one seriously traumatic event occurred during your childhood, you probably would of become a cunning serial killer”). I’m also no MacGuyver–I can’t look at a random assortment of ingredients on-hand and fabricate something magnificent and insanely creative.  I like following recipes, and I am pretty good at knowing what is going to taste awesome. I am the type to diverge from what is written because of my instinct, and to me that is the most enjoyable part of cooking.  Figuring out what tastes good.

I’m multiracial and this plays a large influence on my palate.  I’m half Filipino and I grew up with an older southern father.  I say “older” because he grew up in the south during the Great Depression era where food was scarce and everything was made from scratch.  With what little time I had with my dad, I feel like he passed on a great deal of his southern cooking tradition to me.  Aside from country-fried lumpia, I’m interested in all types of food from around the world.  I’m like Anthony Bourdain just a lot less badass.

I think that background sums up pretty much what I’m all about.


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